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Many people ask me the same question. This is “How did you get started in magic?”


It all began when I watched my first magic trick performed for me by a magician I saw at a friend’s 10th Birthday party. The Magician was called ‘The Great Domino’ a young entertainer with a comical quirky style of performance. He would come on stage and pull out a ladder from his suitcase and multicoloured handkerchiefs out of his collapsible top hat. He then picked some children from the audience to come up on stage and watch the next trick up close. I was picked along with 5 other friends.

I remember this trick like it was yesterday. He displayed a 2pence piece to us and placed it upon a red handkerchief on his hand and started to wrap it up. I was focusing so hard on the coins outline through the material and waiting for the impossible to happen, as ‘The Great Domino’ suggesting it can vanish at any given moment! He told one of us to hold the coin, making sure it was still there through the material and with a snap of his fingers and a whipping motion of his wrists the handkerchief was displayed empty leaving us speechless. The coin was no where to be seen.

Baffled and bemused by such impossible visual occurrences to take place right in front of my eyes.

Another one of my school friend’s had a birthday party and lucky enough ‘The Great Domino’ was invited to perform his magic show. Once again he pulled out other ridiculously 8ft poles and ladders out of his suitcase and went through his tricks. He then said he needed 4-5 boys and girls to help him for his next trick. My hand shot up and I was picked. Standing to the magician’s right I was ready this time. My attention was completely on this coin. Now, once you become a magician you learn not to repeat the same trick twice to the same audience, however… He fooled me once again!

I became interested and intrigued by the working of magic. Was it real or did he do something funny? That question was asked to my parents almost every night. So after a month of frustrating endless trying, the method was still not solved. I tried the trick and changed my handling and noticed how I possibly could hide the coin but not completely vanish it. After a few months I came up with my own ending to the trick which I came up with on my own. At first the trick didn’t seem to great, as I didn’t think it was true magic. However showing it off to my parents firstly and receiving my first reaction of baffled faces, I then went onto perform for my friends using their coins and paper.

I guess I got the magic bug as soon as I saw the faces of the people I was showing the tricks too. There facial expressions of witnessing something out of the extraordinary was extremely satisfying to watch during and especially after the trick was over. From there I’ve never looked back!

I must admit I never thought my beloved hobby of magic would create a career for me and I thank my family for their support they gave me when I used them as my guinea pigs to try out new material and patter. I also thank Marvin's Magic for providing top quality professional magic sets for me to learn so much from when I was given them as birthday presents. I now have the honour to work as a demonstrator for the Marvin's Magic franchise in London. I thank all my previous clients for letting me share my passion and entertain you at their occasions and events. I would lastly like to thank Fujitsu, as they were my first corporate booking. After performing magic at their Christmas Party in June... I found out, this was my calling and wanted to delight more guests with my magic.

I have now gained a great portfolio of top clients ranging from corporate companies, charities and repeated clients that use my services throughout the year.


“I have known Leigh Edgecombe for several years. Initially as a friend of our daughter, who entertained everybody with his magic. So I have seen him progress in his skills. I believe I may have been the first to start him with his ‘professional’ engagements, when I asked him to entertain my business team at an event in London. He proved to be an amusing and dazzling magician moving around our tables in a large restaurant. And attracted most of the other diners as well as the management.

I will use Leigh at another time when I have the opportunity and whole-heartedly recommend him to any future user of his talents. And wish him every good fortune in his chosen career as MagicLeighMagic.
Who doesn’t like magic?”

Jim Stockley, Vice President, Fujitsu


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